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Top Reasons Why Sedona is A Great Place to Live

Fall In Love With Sedona

There are places in Arizona that truly take your breath away. Nestled among the red rock monoliths in the Copper State, you'll find a resort location like none other. Sedona enriches the soul and reinvigorates the body — an oasis in the desert that calls people to seek their slice of paradise in this small community.

Native Americans consider Sedona a sacred, spiritual place. There lies a bit of mystery and a higher sense of being among the unique geological wonders. Sedona also offers the finer luxuries: spas, art galleries and vineyards provide the perfect recreational atmosphere. It doesn't take much to convince people that Sedona is a great place to set down their roots. Here are a few reasons that may help convince you that this perfect locale deserves to be called "Home, sweet home."

It's the most beautiful place in America. 

USA Weekend named Sedona the "Most Beautiful Place In America." Only two hours north of Phoenix, the city is located in Oak Creek Canyon, a 16-mile gorge with 1.8 million acres of national forest land. There are sparkling waterfalls, lazy streams and sheer rock cliffs that call to your inner adventurer who can gaze at the mesmerizing multi-colored stone formations during your outings.

It has gorgeous weather all year. 

Sedona has a semi-arid climate along the high desert terrain. Mild winters will allow for a dusting of snow to fall from the sky that will quickly melt once the sun peeks out from behind the clouds. The rest of the year has mild temperatures with gorgeous summers where people take every moment to go out and enjoy the resort-like amenities.

There's always something to do in Sedona. 

Unlike other resort towns that dry up when the tourists leave, Sedona is alive and bustling all year round. Hikers, bikers and mountain climbers enjoy the numerous trails such as Little Horse Trail, Broken Arrow Trail and West Fork Oak Creek Trail. Stargazers get the perfect view of the night sky when the sun goes down — you can see the constellations with stunning clarity. There are plenty of places to visit for those people in search of culture, from the Encore Theater to the largest collection of air galleries along Gallery Row.

Also, festivals are abundant in the area. Residents and visitors enjoy the International Film Festival, the Sedona Arts Festival, the Sedona Jazz on the Rocks and many others. For people who want a more relaxing time, they can partake in wine tastings, soothing spa treatments or spiritual retreats. 

There is a home waiting for you.

This small affluent community welcomes those who seek their little piece of paradise among the red rock monoliths. Find your luxury home with our Perfect Home Finder quickly with the help of realtor Bruce Tobias so you can enjoy working and playing in this resort city every day.